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The problem?

Health is Wealth!

With the fast pace of life, it is becoming more challenging to find peace amongst the chaos at work, home, school and in society.

With a noted rise in mental health, stress and anxiety, people of all ages are struggling to cope with the constant demands placed upon them by modern day society.

Companies are also finding it increasingly difficult to procure solutions to address their corporate social responsibility targets, combat workplace stress and receive employee wellbeing feedback in one holistic product. [79% of workers said stress has increased over the last two years, The UK workplace stress survey, 2020]

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The solution!

YogaBots™ is an APP that provides a virtual Bot, guide and mentor to address mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing issues.

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Individuals: The Everyday Hero
Companies: The Workplace Hero
Children: Minibots


"With YogaBots™ I get the opportunity to do more of my favourite classes. The classes are just beautiful, they challenge your body as well as creating a calmness as classes range from a fast flow to my favourite relaxed flow with a mix of challenging poses and yin."

- Kate Ward

"Wow! What can I say about YogaBots™ and it's amazing guidance. YogaBots™ practices are phenomenal. It makes yoga fun, rather than too serious. I can’t recommend YogaBots™ and it's style of teaching highly enough!"

- Louise Jones

"Yogabots has a beautiful teaching style that is encouraging and calming, helping you achieve your personal goals. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering starting their yoga journey or even developing it further!"

- Martin Brown

"I was delighted to hear about the YogaBots™ app, I didn't hesitate to sign up so I could benefit from practicing at home, working shifts this gives the freedom to practice at at time of the day and anywhere including the gym at work. The app is easy to use for both practices and workshops."

- Clare Odgear

"We love everything about YogaBots™ and the way it promotes confidence no matter what level of ability you are. YogaBots™ gives different variations of each pose and encourages you to do what you are capable of. It has info on so many different things and offers more than just yoga."

- Sascha Savage & Samuel Maxwell